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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
db3 by RBSRdesigns metallic divider by ToxiceStea db3 by RBSRdesigns
Hello there! My name is Whimsy, and I'm your resident mom friend. I draw lots of different things, though I am fixated on dragons and cats. Super original, I know. If you were to take a look at my gallery, you'd probably notice a lot of cute things mixed with some pretty dark paintings. Life is like that, I suppose. I apply lots of different methods in my paintings, so each is a grab bag of things I've picked up from other artists. If you ever have a question for me, you are more than welcome to ask. My goal is to start creating tutorials here... so look forward to that. I am also developing a book... and dang, does it take a long time!
db3 by RBSRdesigns metallic divider by ToxiceStea db3 by RBSRdesigns
Besides art, I've involved myself in lots of interesting things. I regularly play games on my 3ds, Wii U, and laptop. I'm particularly fond of Monster Hunter, Pokemon, and the Legend of Zelda. I also play an MMO called Neverwinter. I'll talk about them for hours if given the chance! Should you play any of these, ask me and maybe we can play together. I'll take game recommendations, too!

If you would like to talk to me on a more regular basis, let me know. I'll set up a discord server so you can talk to other awesome people that happen to be my friends!
PKMN WIFI Pikachu + Pichu by Zagittorch
Be warned that occasionally the chat might become a little controversial, and there may even be a nsfw chat. If you are younger than 16, I will not let you in the server. I'll still add you on discord, though.

db3 by RBSRdesigns metallic divider by ToxiceStea db3 by RBSRdesigns

Best Friends-
:iconlinkziken: An amazing person who will listen and talk with me about anything. She's the ultimate meme lord, and the best samoyed in the world.

:iconbendthedefinition: A grand person, all around. I've never felt distant from him even once, we are both on the exact same wave length. Talking to her is so easy and chill.

:icontherealcake: An amazing person who has never failed to be there for me. They remind me to appreciate what I have, to never take anything for granted.

:iconcandid-chimera: A sweetheart who is always inspiring. Her art says everything about her, I love it. She's fierce when she's passionate, and protective of her friends.

:iconsekeikometto: A sweet guy I've talked to on and off with for a long time. He's always so kind, and we share stories and art advice with each other. It is always fun to talk about games with him, too.

:iconravynflight: An inspiration and great friend. She's so strong, and I adore her ability to juggle everything at once. She's never afraid to bring someone back down to reality.

db3 by RBSRdesigns metallic divider by ToxiceStea db3 by RBSRdesigns

Gift icons
Sparklecat by Zzesty Dream Icon by Ravynflight

Pokemon icon by Zagittorch
Awen art by MintyMocha
Icons in order



I never want to 
become just like you, 
it's pretty simple,
wish I could tell you why..."
-Wash by FLOOR CRY

I felt like the original sketch deserved a nice coat of paint. Please, enjoy. PhoenixMoth Emote 
Tagged by Keyoei 

- Tag people
- Answer honestly
- Put the title as "I am an/a ___ dragon" (or an elemental pun)

[] Sunlight makes you feel happy.
[x] You love all animals.
[x] You feel bad when you kill a bug.
[x] You own lots of plants.
[x] You are a vegetarian/vegan.
[x] You love fruits and vegetables.

Total: 5

[] You are very headstrong.
[x] You are a very grounded person.
[] You are physically strong or big.
[x] You try hard to maintain balance in your life.
[] You eat a lot and love food.
[] You are not sensitive.
[x] You don't mind getting dirty.

Total: 3

[] You have a lot of sass.
[x] You love warmth.
[] You get angered easily, but calm down quickly.
[] You get into a lot of fights.
[] You are rude.
[x] You are passionate/emotional.
[x] You love spicy food.

Total: 3

[x] You don't express your emotions.
[x] You come across as cold or uncaring.
[x] You are thin or frail.
[x] You don't mind the cold.
[x] You find yourself with cold extremities. (This is called raynaud's phenomenon/syndrome. I have it fam!)
[] You crack easily under pressure.
[] You are not sensitive.

Total: 5

[] You have way too much energy.
[]  People tell you to quiet down often.
[x] You have trouble falling asleep.
[] You play your music loud.
[x]You are often happy.
[] You are disruptive.
[] You love playing sports.

Total: 2

[x] You are mostly relaxed.
[x] You love swimming.
[x] You can hold your breath for a long time.
[] You cry easily.
[x] You primarily drink water.
[] You take stuff very personally.
[x] You wear your heart on your sleeve.

Total: 5

[x] You have great endurance.
[] You often dream about flying.
[/] You are not clumsy.
[x] You tend to "wing it" a lot.
[x] You love to look at the sky and daydream.
[x] You love to look fancy.
[] You are musical/can play more than one instrument.

Total: 4.5

[x] You are a tech whiz.
[x] You don't care about what other people think of you.
[x] You don't often go outside.
[x] People expect much of you.
[x] You find it easy to figure out how things work.
[x] You are smart with your money.
[x] You love video games.

Total: 7

[x] You are positive and optimistic.
[x] You have a few really close friends.
[x] You believe in equality.
[x] You are compassionate.
[x] People look to you for advice.
[] You find it hard to understand people with different opinions.
[] You hate being alone.

Total: 5

[] You don't understand people.
[x] You are not social or have many friends.
[] People think you are "evil".
[] You love rock music.
[] You relate to antagonists more than protagonists.
[x] You prefer to spend time in the dark.
[x] You take naps during the day.

Total: 3


[] You believe in ouija boards/tarot cards/other magic.
[] Your opinion changes easily.
[x] People underestimate you.
[x] You are creative or artistic.
[/] You think mythical creatures are real.
[x] You are a hoarder. (I hoard sentimental items... things like pencils that someone gave me or letters)
[x] You love fantasy and reading books.

Total: 4.5


[] You never get sick.
[x] People avoid you like the plague.
[] People judge you/you are self-conscious.
[x] You love gross or dark humor.
[x] You have some sort of disorder. (Are you kidding me, I AM a disorder)
[x] You don't like it when people touch you.
[x] You are very opinionated. (Opinionated but not pushy)

Total: 5

Results: Metal but soft, explosive, and salty... like gallium and sodium. ;3

If you think you'd have fun with this, go for it lovelies.
Ravynflight RaptorFeathers yoshicrazy Zzesty SekeiKometto Candid-chimera Akemi187 HappyDays64 Linkziken TheRealCake meggy999 Pyrolusite-N66


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